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August 25, 2020

Currently, most of our members are at work, receiving a paycheck and have their benefits still intact, even though the airline industry has taken a severe hit because of COVID-19. This is possible due to the Paycheck Support Program (PSP) contained in the CARES Act. Unfortunately, the CARES Act is set to expire October 1. As a result, many of our airlines have started preparing for reductions by issuing Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications (WARN) notices to their employees. Just today, American Airlines announced they will begin issuing furlough notices beginning Thursday. Over 800 Mechanic and Related members can expect to receive furlough notices from American. We expect the other carriers will be following American’s lead very soon.

Only one thing can stop furloughs is the extension of the PSP and the CARES Act. Over the past two months, we have been pushing Congress to pass an extension of the CARES Act to provide additional funding to the airlines. We need these items to save jobs:

  • Increase PSP funding levels by an additional $32 billion (covering six months)
  • Extend requirements relating to involuntary furloughs, share repurchases, dividend payments, and collective bargaining agreements to March 31, 2021
  • Require Treasury to immediately disburse funds to every air carrier and contractor that executed a Payroll Support Program Agreement, an amount equal to their current payroll support

It only takes 2 minutes to send your legislator a message to step up and get the CARES Act extended and keep everyone working! 

Please click here to alert your local representative in Congress.
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David Supplee
President Directing General Chair

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