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Brothers and Sisters,

The TWU-IAM Association is fighting for the industry’s best profit sharing plan. The current American Airlines profit sharing plan is simply inadequate. Even American’s CEO admitted that other airlines have better profit sharing plans. He recognized that those better plans have created a “compensation differential” for Association members that would be addressed in contract negotiations stating, “we’ll [American] need to close that [compensation differential].”

Did Steve Johnsen get the memo from his boss? Or is he freelancing, undercutting what his CEO has publicly stated?

Steve refuses to improve your profit sharing plan. He also demanded in his infamous “take it or leave it” style that we should stop making such reasonable proposals. He does not think American should fairly share the industry-leading profits that Association members created.

The TWU-IAM Association will not relent in obtaining the value that the industry’s best profit sharing plan will provide. Association members deserve that.


Your Association Negotiating Committee

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