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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

American Airlines Labor Relations contacted the TWU-IAM Association on Friday 
afternoon to inform us that the carrier would announce some changes to the Covid-19 
vaccination protocol and how these changes will affect American Airlines employees, 
including those represented by the TWU/IAM Association.

American’s communication was open ended and vague. The Association Leadership will 
engage American’s senior leadership to discuss what exactly is management’s plan. We 
want to discuss what options management is proposing for those Association members who 
chose or are unable to comply with the Company’s vaccine mandate.

We certainly understand the frustration some members are experiencing as a result of the 
Company’s recent notice. Although we encourage those who can receive the vaccination 
do so, we also believe it is an individual choice and we DO NOT SUPPORT the company 
making any unilateral demands of those members who may choose to request alternative 

In solidarity,


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