American Airlines Pension Update

June 14, 2019 Admin 0

June 14, 2019

Dear American Airlines IAM Member:

We are pleased to announce that American Airlines has agreed a rehabilitation plan to strengthen the IAM National Pension Fund and protect your retirement benefits.  American and the IAM have jointly agreed to the NPF’s Preferred Schedule of the Rehabilitation Plan.  This means that American chose to increase the Company’s financial contribution, to ensure your future monthly benefit at age 65 will not be reduced because of the Rehabilitation Plan.

IAM District 142 General Chairs have been briefed by representatives of the IAM National Pension Plan and will be in the field meeting with … Read More...

IAM Pension Plan Information Update

May 2, 2019 Admin 0

Attached are the documents we have received regarding the changes to the pension fund.  All full time District staff will be given a full update on these changes on May 16th.  Until then, if you have questions, please reach out to your reps, and they will work on getting answers for you.  It is strongly recommended that any member who has concerns should set up a call with the pension plan to discuss their specific concerns.  More to be come as we get the information.


IAM National Pension Fund – Rehabilitation Plan Information

April 30, 2019 Admin 0

Most of our members by now have received the letter from the IAM National Pension Fund concerning the critical status of the fund itself. We know you the members are very concerned about your benefits. We are expecting to be briefed soon and given better clarification. In the meantime please review the information below.

*Note: The following is taken directly from the IAM National Pension Fund website. All links below will open on at the site below:

Due to a challenging investment environment and the decline of the Fund’s credit balance, the IAM National Pension Fund Board of Trustees … Read More...