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March 16, 2020

Sisters and Brothers,

With the overwhelming flood of information, cancellations, and new policies due to the Coronavirus: COVID-19; we would like to talk to you about stress and anxiety.

There is a constant bombardment of news and changes to our personal lives, and work environment, which can increase our stress and anxiety levels.

Ways to deal with and reduce stress:

  • Practice self-care, eat a balanced healthy diet, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, exercise. Remember to use caffeine and alcohol in moderation. Self-medication only dulls the stress and anxiety and does not get rid of it.
  • Get your information and news from trusted sources such as the NIH, CDC, company and union bulletins. Try to limit your exposure to news stories about the COVID-19, stay informed and then go about your daily business.
  • Practice social distancing when appropriate but do not isolate from friends and family. Stay in touch through phone calls, texting, email.

If you have questions and or concerns and are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety contact your local EAP coordinator or contact Paul Shultz DL 142 EAP at 704-907-3563, (cell) pm.shultz@att.net.  

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