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The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust all of us into an unprecedented new reality. We would like to assure the membership that the IAM is here for them and their families with every resource we have available.

Our circumstances seem to change daily if not hourly, creating uncertainty and high levels of stress and anxiety.

This may adversely affect your immune system at the very time you may need it the most.

In a perfect world, our preference would be to deliver this message in person; group by group, crew by crew, shift by shift. However, given the situation we are up against, and the proven effectiveness of social distancing; for your safety we believe offering some services by phone is the best practice at this time.

If you or any of your family members would like to talk please call: Kenny Geis, CLT Grievance Committee and EAP: 704-770-5069 (cell) Phil Skaar LL 1725 EAP Coordinator: 704-650-3401 (cell)
Paul Shultz DL 142 EAP Director: 704-907-3563 (cell)

Note: Please feel free to call Paul Shultz at 704-907-3563 anytime 24/7. Any shift any day, if you leave a voicemail, I will return your call as soon as possible. Please speak slow as I listen in Southern.


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