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Association Negotiation Update and Q and A for Interim Agreement

August 12, 2016: Download and Post | Q and A Interim Agreement

Sisters and Brothers,

The Association Fleet Service Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines this week in Dallas/Fort Worth to continue joint contract negotiations.

As you likely know, the interim wage agreement that was reached last week on August 5th provides our membership with wage and pension increases (the TWU 5.5% 401(k) company match increases in value and the IAM pension fund contribution increases), and job security enhancements. The negotiating committees met with the company this week to address specifically additional job security articles, cross utilization procedures, and to finalize the full text interim wage agreement that was released to the membership on August 10th.

In response to your questions about the agreement, we developed a joint Q&A with the company to help clarify the interim agreement, and have now resumed contract negotiations. As we explained, we remain united and committed to negotiate the JCBAs we deserve. The Interim Letter of Agreement regarding wages does not change our aggressive approach to negotiating this joint contract.

This week, with the task of finalizing separate interim agreements and Q&As for the different classes and crafts, we were able to pass our counter proposal back to the company on temporary assignments, and also worked on counter proposals for hours of service and part time ratio. The other current articles we’re currently negotiating include vacations, holidays, sick leave, overtime, and recognition and rights. These are all in the company’s possession and we are eagerly awaiting their responses when we resume our next negotiation session.

The following are our upcoming negotiations sessions:

  • Week of August 22nd – New York
  • Week of August 29th – Washington, D.C.
  • Week of September 19th – Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Week of September 26th – New York


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