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Sisters and Brothers,

The Fleet Service Committee met with American Airlines this week in Las Vegas. The company presented their plan and implementation for cross utilization to Maintenance and Related.   In continued solidarity, we supported our Association brothers and sisters until there was a satisfactory understanding between the company and the Union.

We received counter proposals from the company and drafted and finalized our responses to a number of articles that will be passed in our next session.  There was movement by the company, which further narrowed the outstanding issues on Vacations and Overtime.  We also received a proposal regarding One Station Complex Agreements, which is currently in the TWU contract.  The committee will evaluate this proposal and its potential effects regarding reduction in force and recall.

The following negotiation dates have been scheduled for the remainder of this year:

  • Week of November 14th – DFW
  • Week of December 5th – DCA
  • Week of December 12th – LAS

In addition, the scheduling committee met with the company and secured the following dates in January:

  • Week of January 16th – DFW
  • Week of January 23rd – MCO


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