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March 10, 2017

Brothers and Sisters:

The Association Fleet Negotiating Committee met with the company during the week of March 6th in Dallas, Ft. Worth.

This week the Association received the following counter proposals:

Hours of Work

The Association passed the following counter proposal to the company:

  • Hours of Work
  • Overtime

There was considerable table discussions with the Company on the applications in the Overtime article with the Negotiation Committee still awaiting a response to our Vacation proposal.

The committee reached a TA on the Hours of Work article.

Current TA’s:

Shift Differential Preamble Training, Travel Pay and Meal Per Diem
Grievance Procedures Leaves of Absence Meal Periods
Representation Field Work System Board of Adjustment
Uniforms Absence from Duty No Strike No Lockout
Fitness for Duty Bulletin Boards Probation
Safety and Health Purpose of Agreement Termination of Employment
Shift Trades Furlough Benefits Work Schedules
Temporary Assignments Voluntary Furlough Hours of Work


Our next negotiating session is scheduled for the week of the 27th of March in Washington D.C.



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Steve Miller Tim Murphy Pat Rezler Art Risley
Andre Sutton Rodney Walker Bill Wilson  

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