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Sisters and Brothers:

Negotiations began this week in DAY with an opening day with a packed room. Present for the Company were representatives from HR, Finance and Maintenance groups led by VP of HR Margaret Soda, VP of Maintenance Mark Swearingen and PSA Chief Counsel and Lead Negotiator Steven Nigh. Present for the Union were myself, GLR John Werkmeister, Todd Road-CAK, Greg Farmer-DAY, Scott Carpenter-CVG, Richard Boultt-ORF, Scott Helliker-PNS, Frank Wrennal-GSP and Ian Cole-CLT.

The Company gave detailed presentations on numerous areas of the airline operation as well as maintenance specific presentations covering many of the improvements that have been made since we last met for negotiations ending in early 2018. After the presentations concluded, both groups discussed conventions in negotiations which are basically all of the things that go in to facilitating a smooth process while trying to reach a tentative agreement for the membership to vote on. While specific proposals were not exchanged at this meeting, a number of articles that neither party in these negotiations plan on proposing any changes to were identified and tentatively agreed to with no changes noted. They consisted of articles 13, 22, 23, 26 & 27.

Future dates for negotiations were also set with November 22 & 23 set to occur in DAY and December 13 & 14 set to occur in CLT. Details of those meetings will be released much the same as this bulletin once they are completed. Our goal is always to make sure everyone has the most up to date information concerning negotiations. The way for you to receive information is to add a personal e-mail address to the District Lodge 142 database for future PSA or other communications by clicking the red “Join Our Email List!!!” button on the DL 142 website at www.iamdl142.org. If you have any questions about this process, please give me a call at (859) 653-4037 or email at jsamuel@iamdl142.org. With best wishes, I remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

James M. Samuel

General Chairperson


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