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With the failed TA prior to the holidays, meetings began at the end of January under the auspices of the NMB.  They continued through February in to March with the last meeting occurring yesterday. I am pleased to announce that we have reached a 2nd Tentative Agreement based on the memberships proposals submitted in December and January. These most recent changes in this TA are as follows:


·   Additional 2% wage increase at DOS+48 months (5%-3%-3%-3%-2%). Top of scale pay at DOS+48 is now $30.08 ·   Total increase in CBA value over 48 months is almost $25 million dollars
·   Signing Bonuses with a $750 minimum payment for new hires and incremental increases up to almost $15k based on seniority ·   Signing Bonus has a fixed baseline amount and a variable amount driven by seniority
·   Removed the Market Adjustment Premium ·   Removed all flex-pay provisions
·   Employees will remain unfrozen for pay progression purposes ·   Cleaned up language in Article 25
·   Rewrote Article 10 Interview process based on memberships input-now awarded by seniority and contains an independent review process. ·   Still a four (4) year term from date of signing


Copies of the 2nd Tentative Agreement changes only will be sent to the bases as soon as they can be printed. The 2nd TA document and the whole TA document will be available on the DL 142 website and through the Company intranet.  Additional details concerning the ratification process will be released shortly. Your employee representative committee worked long and hard to achieve this deal that places you at the top of the regional industry and fully support it. This Committee unanimously recommends a YES vote on this Tentative Agreement. Your patience and solidarity have been instrumental in reaching this Agreement that you deserve.

With best wishes we remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

James M. Samuel


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