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Sisters and Brothers:

After continuation of Negotiations, being conducted under the guidance of the National Mediation Board with Mediator Gerry McGuckin, a Tentative Agreement (TA) has been reached between the IAM and the Company.

Economic gains and financial job security resulting in a 12% wage increase over three (3) years for the membership. Here are the highlights of the new Agreement:

  • 4% wage increase on date of ratification (DOR)
  • 3% increase DOR +12 months
  • 3% increase DOR +24 months
  • 2% increase DOR +36 months
  • Improved Mandatory Overtime Language
    • Enhanced language for rest rule
    • Thirty-Two (32) hour monthly cap on Mandatory Overtime
    • New order of assignments for MOT to protect days off
  • CS&S – Added remote agent language
  • CS&S – Percentage adjustments on DATs  
  • CCSL-Job Protection for Station Closures  
  • CS&S- Trade approval enhancements  
  • Training Per Diem Increase  
  • SOS- Improved PTO Language  
  • Improved vacation language
  • Uniform Allowance Increase  
  • Relief Agent Schedule Adherence
  • CSA- Scope and job protection
  • CSA- Curb Side & Off Site, STK Language
  • CS&S- shorter duration between breaks
  • CSA- Shift, FTO, DAT bid parameters
  • Enhanced P/T Language
  • SOS-Job protections

Your Negotiating Committee worked long and hard to achieve this deal that keeps you at the top of the industry and fully support it. This Committee unanimously endorses this TA and recommends a “YES” vote. A complete copy of the TA will be made available once the verbiage is complete. A bulletin with information about the future scheduling of ratification meetings will be released very shortly. With best wishes we remain,

Sincerely and fraternally,

April Butler      Kenny Champagne      Carrie Lessley

General Chair        General Chair      General Chair

Charity Hamerm    Oralia ‘Lollie’ Beecher     Nancy Shortino       Teresa Beynon

(MDW)                         (MSY)                        (HC)                    (PC)


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