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We recently received confirmation that our application for Mediation has been received, accepted and docketed as NMB Case Number A-13856.  The National Mediation Board has assigned Mediator Jack Kane to oversee the process for the remainder of these negotiations.  As soon as we hear from the Mediator, the next meeting dates will be set based on his discretion.  We will communicate those details concerning a schedule of meetings when they become available.

At the beginning of this process, your negotiating committee created and handed out a booklet called the “Negotiations Survival Handbook”.  That booklet contained a brief description of the contract negotiations process (steps) under the Railway Labor Act (RLA) on pages 8 and 9.  If you did not receive one of these booklets, let me know.  I have a few left or I can have new ones printed and sent to your base.

If you have questions, please contact me, one of your negotiating committee members or a Shop Steward.  Your patience and solidarity will be essential in reaching a fair and equitable agreement for the membership as this process keeps moving forward.


With best wishes I remain

Sincerely and fraternally,

James M. Samuel



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