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Brothers and Sisters,

In an amateurish and unprofessional move, American Airlines management is trying to bribe Association members into giving away work, abandoning good healthcare and giving up better retirement security by doing an end run around your negotiating committee.

Making the biggest mistake possible, American negotiators continue to disrespect you and your leadership by attempting to negotiate in breakrooms and by email! These delay tactics prevent the real negotiations that are needed to get the contract you deserve.

“This Association negotiates face to face,” said Association Chair and Vice Chair Alex Garcia and Sito Pantoja respectively. “As we reported to you previously, Association negotiators are meeting with American to address minor open issues the week of June 11th. The Association is and has been fully prepared to continue bargaining the all important issues of medical insurance, wages, retirement security, work/job protection and profit sharing, but American has refused. They’d rather hide behind their computers and continue to insult you with their sub-par offers.”

On March 21st, the Association leadership told American that their proposals regarding medical insurance, wages, retirement security, work/job protection and profit sharing were not acceptable. American management then began their failing strategy of negotiating in public, trying to convince American workers to accept their substandard offer. Your strength and solidarity has worked. American has thrown some money on the table even while we are not in negotiations. Keep telling the company to shove their inadequate proposals that outsource work, take away healthcare and weaken retirement. Tell them to get back to the table.


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