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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Earlier in November, we posted the link for our members to participate in the survey on the failed tentative agreement. We plan on leaving the survey open through the end of December, but we want to ensure ALL our members have the opportunity to submit their opinions so we can be fully prepared to re-enter negotiations.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Make your coworkers aware and ask them to do so too. When filling out the survey or passing the link on to coworkers, please be mindful of the Company’s social media policy.

The following is a link to the web-based draft survey: https://iamaw.checkboxonline.com/8899F6C5-8EE6-43E1-8EF1-1513E0CB9AE6.

Below is a QR Code you may use for easier access as well:

One note – if you are trying to complete this survey using an Android device, there have been reported problems. We posted a work around for how to complete the survey using an Android device. You can see that work around by going to the following link. Click here for that link.

Sincerely and fraternally,

David Supplee



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