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On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, your negotiating committee met in Dallas at Southwest Airlines Headquarters to begin contract negotiations.  Present for the company were: Adam Carlisle,  Sr. Director, Labor Relations, Dan Kusek, Sr. Mgr., Labor Relations for CSA; Andrea Nivet, Sr. Mgr. Labor Relations for CS&S; Danielle Reidder, CS&S Regional Director; Jeff Cox, Ground Ops; James Jackson, Senior Manager Finance; Becky Ronnebaum, Labor Negotiations Specialist; Nicole Bender, Labor Relations Planning Specialist; Joel Bagby, SWA Legal. Present for the Union were: Dave Supplee, President/Directing General Chair; Rich Johnsen, Grand Lodge Rep; Rich Pantoja, Grand Lodge Economist; April Butler, General Chair; Carrie Lessley, General Chair; Jessica Morris, General Chair; Kenny Champagne, General Chair; Charity Hamer, MDW; Dennis DeFrank, SOS; Lolly Beecher, MSY; Sheri Parmann, FLL and Teresa Beynon, PC.

Both parties presented their list of items they need to address in negotiations and the company presented a brief overview of the state of the company.  The Union made it very clear that quality of life issues are the big items in this round of talks and are hopeful that many of these issues can be resolved.  The company had agreed to begin talks early, with an aggressive schedule, with hopes on concluding talks prior to the amendable date.  Our team is dedicated to getting the best deal for our members and work hard on their issues, no matter how long it takes.

We have set dates for future negotiation through the end of July.  The next scheduled session is June 12-14 in Dallas.  Please go to our website – www.iamdl142.org and sign up for email updates to get the latest updates on negotiations.







Dave Supplee






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