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Sisters and Brothers:

Since April 2020 we have relentlessly exchanged dialogue with Alaska on a broad range of topics related to the COVID pandemic. We engage with the company on a weekly basis addressing your concerns specifically related to staffing, compensation, and quality of life issues resulting from the pandemic. Some results from these conversations include: the Early Out program, CRVL with insurance premiums paid by Alaska, and the premium OT rate.

Due to the severity and frequency of staffing issues in SEA, Alaska has announced their intention to provide a temporary differential to those who are on the first 4 steps of the pay scale at select SEA bid locations.

While we agree that the entry level steps are insufficient to attract or retain prospective employees in all locations, it is well within the company’s rights to pay more as they see fit. This action on their part does not violate the current language within our contract, however it does conflict with the concept of a collective bargaining agreement for all members. Despite repeated conversations and our strong opposition to the company’s desire to target only one location and only pay steps, they have decided to move forward.

We are disappointed that Alaska is not applying our compensation suggestions equally across the system, however it will not prevent us from continuing to advocate equal treatment and pay for all of our members.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Jason McAdoo             Dan Suafoa   

General Chair            General Chair 


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