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On June 26-28, 2018, your negotiating committee met in Tempe, Arizona to continue contract negotiations.  Present for the company: Adam Carlisle, Sr. Director, Labor Relations, ; Jeff Cox, Station Director; Danielle Reidder, CS&S Regional Director; Dan Kusek, Sr. Mgr., Labor Relations for CSA; Drea Nivet, Sr. Mgr. Labor Relations for CS&S;  Joel Bagby, Attorney; James Jackson, Senior Manager Finance; Becky Ronnebaum, Labor Negotiations Specialist; Nicole Bender, Labor Relations Planning Specialist. Present for the Union: Dave Supplee, President/Directing General Chair; Rich Johnsen, Grand Lodge Rep; along with General Chairs April Butler, Kenny Champagne, Carrie Lessley, and Jessica Morris; also your Negotiating Committee Members Lollie Beecher, MSY; Charity Hamer, MDW; Sheri Parmann, FLL ; Teresa Beynon, PC; Dennis DeFrank, SOS; and  Nancy Shortino, CC.

Discussions continued regarding Article Twenty which resulted in a tentative agreement.  We had further dialog pertaining to the intent of blending Letters of Understanding within the Agreement.  Articles Five (Classifications) and Seven (Overtime) were also reviewed by both parties. We had a very productive week and continue our commitment to securing a better quality of life for our membership. Your support and solidarity is appreciated throughout this process.

Next scheduled session is July 10-12, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Future negotiation dates have been set through September 2018 at alternating locations.




April Butler                 Kenny Champagne                 Carrie Lessley             Jessica Morris

Lollie Beecher (MSY)            Teresa Beynon (PC)           Dennis DeFrank (SOS)

Charity Hamer (MDW)          Sheri Parmann (FLL)              Nancy Shortino (CC)







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