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This past week of February 12, 2019 discussions continued at Southwest Airlines Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  These discussions led to an Agreement in Principal to Article Fifteen: Reduction in Force and the  Company responded to Article Two: Scope of Agreement.  Further exchange took place with Articles Seventeen: Safety and Health, Eighteen: General and Miscellaneous and Twenty-Two: Holidays and Flexible Time Off.  The Union also responded to Articles Five: Classifications, Seven: Overtime, Eleven: Filling of Vacancies and Twelve: Leaves of Absence. The week ended with further discussion focusing on mandatory overtime language. Your Negotiation Committee knows mandatory overtime causes quality of life issues, which remains a great concern.

The next scheduled session is for February 26 – 28, 2019 in Dallas, Texas with scheduled upcoming dates of  March 5 – 7, April 2 – 4 and April 16 – 18.

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