Southwest Airlines Contract Negotiations Update – May 28, 2019

May 28, 2019

Negotiations continued in Dallas the week of May 20.   Due to the shortened schedule, the Company met with the District 142 General Chairs.
The week’s focus centered on reaching acceptable language regarding Article 7 (Overtime).  Southwest management’s view on mandatory overtime assignment remains the same and remains wholly unacceptable. Shuffling the order in which our sisters and brothers are forced to work mandatory overtime is not the answer, nor is it fair to the people who have made Southwest the largest and the most consistently profitable domestic airline in the United States.

Your negotiating committee remains resolute and demands that Southwest management fully understands that IAM members have responsibilities outside work that they must attend to. Southwest must find another operational plan, other than the systematic use of mandatory overtime to staff an understaffed operation.  Until management comes to this realization, these negotiations will remain very difficult.

Negotiations will continue in Dallas the weeks of June 3 and June 17.  Your continued support and solidarity is necessary to obtain a contract representative of your hard work and loyalty to our Company.

April Butler           Kenny Champagne        Carrie Lessley            Jessica Morris

Ian Scott-Anderman

Lollie Beecher (MSY           Teresa Beynon (PC)               Dennis DeFrank (SOS)
Charity Hamer (MDW)          Sheri Parmann (FLL)            Nancy Shortino (CC)  


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