TWU-IAM Association Responds to American Airlines Lawsuit

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May 21, 2019

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2019 — The TWU-IAM Association today issued the following statement in response to American Airlines’ request for an injunction against the Association:

“It is unfortunate that American Airlines has chosen to abandon negotiating with its employees and instead go straight to federal court. The airline is frustrated with the Association for refusing to allow more of our maintenance and repair work to be outsourced to South America, China and Europe. We are also standing strong against cuts to our medical benefits and retirement security. Our members value American Airlines fliers and work hard every


Association Sets the Record Straight

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May 16, 2019

American management recently distributed incomplete and misleading negotiating documents to its employees. Don’t be fooled by their union-busting tactics. 

Click on the links below partitioned into sections for easier viewing to see the real state of negotiations between American Airlines and the TWU-IAM Association. 

Then tell the company to get back to the table and finish the job.


American Takes the Fight to the Floor

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May 3, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

American Airlines has made the determination to try changing the negotiations from the bargaining table to directly bargaining in the breakrooms, on the shop floor and on the ramp. Their direct appeal to TWU and IAM members represented by the Association is an end-around rarely seen by the most anti-union employers during contract negotiations. They want to test your solidarity.

The documents they posted on JetNet do show significant gains the Association achieved so far in negotiations. The Company gave nothing out of their generosity – the improvements you see are the result of … Read More...

Pilots Call American Airlines Bonuses “Stunning:” Airline Says They Are Routine

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The following Article was written by Ted Reed and posted on

On the American Airlines earnings call Friday,  CEO Doug Parker said management employees received 51% of their targeted bonus for 2018 – meaning some mid-level managers received bonuses of about 9% — a disclosure that came as a surprise to the carrier’s pilots union.

American’s short-term incentive plan is tied to pretax profits: the threshold is $3 billion. Responding to an analyst’s questions about the plan, Parker said that while 2018 pretax earnings were slightly below $3 billion, the incentive is based on a total that is calculated … Read More...

American, AGAIN, Shows Their Unwillingness to Negotiate an Agreement – NMB Fails with its Strategy

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Brothers and Sisters,

The Association leadership met with American Airlines’ negotiators and Federal Mediators this week in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The Mediator’s unorthodox approach to these negotiations failed to provide adequate space for the parties to face-off in the critical high stakes final issues to be resolved. The recent sessions were short three-day bursts that started late in the mornings and did not proceed into the evenings. The Mediators kept the negotiators in separate rooms instead of creating an environment that forced the negotiators to face each other to reach an agreement or stalemate. An arbitrary deadline was set (without … Read More...

American Negotiations Update Video: April 5, 2019

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Please watch and share the video below.

L-R: John Coveny, Jr., General Chair District 142; Sean Ryan, General Chair District 142; Bill Wilson, VP at Large District 141; Mark Baskett, Assistant General Chair District 141

Special thanks to Dave Lehive, Communications Coordinator District 141 for Editing. … Read More...

American, AGAIN, Shows Their Corporate Greed

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April 4, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

The Association leadership met with American Airlines executive management Wednesday, April 3rd in Washington, DC. The idea was to have an unfiltered discussion with company decision makers to, hopefully, break the logjam in negotiations.

The lower level company negotiators had reached the end of their authority and steadfastly continued their concessionary demands that the Association give up healthcare options that already exist, accept inferior retirement provisions and allow our work to be outsourced. Your negotiators refuse to accept these concessionary demands.

The higher level executives doubled down at the meeting by reinforcing all of … Read More...