Southwest Airlines Contract Negotiations Update Week of September 5th

September 27, 2018 Admin 0


September 5 and 6, 2018 your negotiating committee met in Dallas at Southwest Airlines Headquarters to resume contract negotiations.  Present for the company were: Adam Carlisle Sr. Director, Labor Relations, Danielle Reidder, CS&S Regional Director; Dan Kusek, Sr. Mgr., Labor Relations for CSA; Andrea Nivet, Sr. Mgr. Labor Relations for CS&S; Mandy Vitela, Asst. Stn. Mgr., DAL; Joel Bagby, Attorney, Gen. Counsel; James Jackson, Senior Manager Finance; Becky Ronnebaum, Labor Negotiations Specialist; Nicole Bender, Labor Relations Planning Specialist: Jeff Cox, Station Director.

Present for the Union were: District Lodge 142 Secretary Treasurer Ian Scott-Anderman; General Chairs Kenny Champagne, Carrie … Read More...