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June 18, 2019

Sisters and Brothers:

Your Negotiating Committee is pleased to announce a Tentative Agreement (TA) has been reached with Alaska Airlines for the COPS and RSSA agreements, respectively.

The TA provides many changes, some of which include:

  • 5 year Agreement with Work Protection.
    • All work currently performed exclusively by IAM members at each location on the Alaska Airlines’ system is protected, and the Company is prohibited from outsourcing such work for the entire term of the contract plus two years
  • 10%-16% increase on base wages on date of ratification
  • Downline increases that put both COPS and RSSA members in step with our counterparts at other airlines
  • Lump Sum Payments
    • RSSA — $5,000
    • COPS — $3,000
  • 15-20% increase in Shift Differentials
  • Increase of 1.5% in the 401k match
  • Lead differential increased to $2.25/hour
  • DC Differential increased to $1.50/hour
  • Common Amendable dates for both COPS and RSSA agreements
  • Wage Review to ensure our pay keeps up with the Industry
    • The Wage Review acts as a safety-net for our pay. Should wages at other carriers grow drastically during the term of the contract, the Wage Review ensures that our wages do not fall relative to our counterparts at other carriers.
  • Insurance Premium lowered from 22% for a Full Time Employee’s cost share, to 20% cost share
  • Stronger Junior Assignment protection
  • Optional paid parental leave (previously unpaid)
  • Family Sick days increased from 4 per year to 6 per year
  • Home agent radius expanded beyond 100 miles

Informational Meetings and Ratification will be held in each location on the system from July 8 through August 9. A bulletin with the dates, times and precise locations will be posted shortly.

The entire TA will be mailed to all stewards of record in the next week. In addition, the TA will be emailed to every COPS and RSSA member in the next two weeks. We encourage every member to read the TA in its entirety and ask questions of your Negotiating Committee.

Your Negotiating Committee unanimously recommends a YES vote and encourages every member to cast their ballot when the time comes.

In Unity,

Jeff Tobius


Justin Bates (ANC) Jesse Wilson (ANC) Jason McAdoo (JNU) Dan Suafoa (SEA)

Enrique Rebollo (SEA) Nisha Chaudry (SFO) Jennifer Araujo (LAX)

Jackson Hartsfield (LAX) Joe Shultz (PHX) Linda Romaniello (FLL)

Alaska Airlines Tentative Agreement Economic Highlights 6.18.2019

Ratification Details


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