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Sisters and Brothers:

The joint Alaska Airlines Negotiating Committee continued negotiations with Alaska Airlines management this past week in Anchorage, Alaska.  This session was dedicated to RSSA contract issues.

Represented by the Company were: Greg Mays, Vice President/Labor; Wayne Newton; Jason Berry, Managing Director Cargo; Bob Hartnett, Labor Director; Denise Kliskey, COPS Labor Manager; and, Rebecca Meissner, Company Attorney.

Joining the Negotiating Committee were:  James Carlson, Assistant Airline Coordinator; Kris Hannah, Grand Lodge Representative; and Brianna Gregory, Grand Lodge Representative.

Your Committee made proposals for the RSSA Agreement for the following articles:

4 – Classification of Work
5 – Hours of Service
6 – Overtime
7 – Holidays
8 – Field Service
13 – Vacations
21 – General and Miscellaneous
29 – Union Shop and Dues Check-Off   **Tentative Agreement reached
LOA #5 – Prudhoe Bay

In addition, your Committee carried on discussions with Management regarding articles 16 (Grievance Procedure) and 17 (System Board of Adjustment); we continue to narrow our positions and made great progress in understanding each other’s concerns.

The next negotiations session is scheduled for March 13-15, 2018 in Newark, New Jersey, and will be focused on the COPS contract. 

There is one source of official communications regarding these negotiations – that is those issued by your Negotiating Committee.

Remember: United we stand, divided we beg.


In Unity,

Jeff Tobius


Justin Bates (ANC)       Jesse Wilson (ANC)    Jason McAdoo (JNU)    Dan Suafoa (SEA)
Enrique Rebollo (SEA)     Nisha Chaudry (SFO)   Jennifer Araujo (LAX)    Jackson Hartsfield (LAX)
Joe Shultz (PHX)       Linda Romaniello (FLL)





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