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August 27, 2019

Ratification for the Alaska COPS and RSSA Agreements took place July 8 through August 9, 2019.

Both agreements PASSED by over 90% of the respective members that voted.

The newly approved tentative agreements provide for 10-16% pay increases on average, increase in 401k contributions, work protection for the life of the Agreements plus 2 years (7years in total), decreased health insurance premiums, and much more. Full details of both tentative agreements can be found on the District website at www.iamdl142.org.

Your Committee will begin working with the Company in an effort to finalize the contracts for printing and distribution.  A list of the effective dates for the new changes will be sent to all stewards of record in the coming days.

I would sincerely like to thank your Negotiating Committee (Justin Bates, Jesse Wilson, Jason McAdoo, Danny Suafoa, Enrique Rebollo, Nisha Chaudry, Jackson Hartsfield, Jennifer Araujo, Joe Shultz, and Linda Romaniello) for the great commitment and drive in negotiating these agreements.  In addition, a thank you to the Company’s Committee for their commitment during the negotiating process.  Most importantly, thank you to the Alaska Airlines membership in your patience and solidarity, without which we would not have been nearly as successful.

In Solidarity,

Jeffrey Tobius
General Chair


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