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June 28, 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Enclosed are the terms of the Alaska Airlines Tentative Agreement for your review.
Your Negotiating Committee UNANIMOUSLY recommends a “YES VOTE” on the proposed changes.
Just as with any ratification vote, many questions are generated by the membership. That is why it is important for
you to attend scheduled meetings, ask questions and get clarification before casting your vote.

• Your Negotiators will be present at your location to explain the Tentative Agreement’s terms and address
any concerns you may have. This will ensure an informed decision is made prior to voting.
• You can visit www.iamdl142.org to see what day, what time, and where your location will be conducting
informational meetings, as well as voting times.

Although how you vote will be a personal decision, the results will have a widespread impact for all of our sisters
and brothers. Your Negotiating Committee urges you to review the enclosed Tentative Agreement, attend an
informational meeting to have your questions answered, and make an informed decision; most importantly, we
urge you to exercise your right to vote.

Your Negotiating Committee thanks the entire membership for their continued support.

In Unity,

Dave Supplee                Jeff Tobius,
President -Directing              General Chair
General Chair                                     

Justin Bates (ANC)    Jesse Wilson (ANC)     Jason McAdoo (JNU)
Danny Suafoa (SEA)     Enrique Rebollo (SEA)    Nisha Chaudry (SFO)    Joe Shultz (PHX
Jennifer Araujo (LAX)     Jackson Hartsfield (LAX)     Linda Romaniello (FLL)
Negotiating Committee



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