Remembering our Heroes

May 31, 2021 Admin 0

May 31, 2021

Sisters and Brothers,

This Memorial Day weekend, we remember military service members who have fought and died for our freedom. They were willing to put their lives on the line, at home and abroad, to defend us against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. These heroes died protecting the many freedoms we enjoy today from the comfort of our own homes.

This year’s holiday seems very significant, as our country is wrapping up the mission in Afghanistan and bringing our troops home.

Since the horrible terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, nearly 1 million U.S. service members have … Read More...

IAM Celebrates Dr. King’s Legacy

January 18, 2021 Admin 0

January 18, 2021

Sisters and Brothers, Today, we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an iconic civil rights activist who viewed discrimination and anti-unionism as closely related ills. He was a champion for labor rights whose teachings can serve us well in these trying times, when these rights are under constant assault. 

Dr. King’s commitment to peace, non-violent protest and equality for all carry more weight now than ever before. There isn’t a more important time for us to remember those words. 

In solidarity, 

Sito Pantoja

General Vice President…

A Holiday Message from GVP Pantoja

December 23, 2020 Admin 0

December 23, 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This holiday season is ending a year unlike any other. 2020 began with a prosperous transportation industry. National rail negotiations were underway, the first joint collective bargaining agreements with American Airlines were wrapping up, and negotiations with several airlines were expected to yield tremendous benefits to tens of thousand of IAM members. 

COVID-19, however, had a different year planned for us. The global pandemic brought our industry to a screeching halt. The airborne virus’ deadly nature kept people from traveling by air or rail. The economic impact crushed the industries that rely on … Read More...

What I’m Thankful For

November 26, 2020 Admin 0

November 26, 2020

Sisters, Brothers and Friends of the IAM,

While this year has been unlike any other, there is still much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

This challenging time has given us all a new perspective. I know I’m especially grateful for our Machinists Union family—and the work all of our members have done day in and day out during these difficult times.

I am also thinking of those who have been affected most by this pandemic—the families who are mourning the loss of a loved one or picking up the pieces after losing their job. We see … Read More...

A Veterans Day Message from GVP Pantoja

November 11, 2020 Admin 0

November 11, 2020

Today, we celebrate Veterans Day. On this special day, let us pause and salute all who have served and honor the tremendous sacrifices made by members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families to preserve our freedom. 

It is the courage, conviction and service of our veterans and active military that allowed more than 150 million Americans to vote in last week’s election. Our military protects the freedom which provides us the right to vote.  

This occasion also gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the many important contributions of the thousands of veterans who are now … Read More...

A Memorial Day Weekend Message from International President Martinez

May 25, 2020 Admin 0

Sisters, Brothers and Friends of the IAM,

This Memorial Day weekend, and always, we remember all the members of our armed forces who gave their lives to protect our freedoms.

Over the past few weeks, with the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we are no doubt experiencing a moment that has challenged everything about our way of life. It reminds us all that true heroes make extraordinary sacrifices in the most difficult of times. As we fight to overcome this global pandemic, our gratitude for those who have paid the ultimate price now and in the past is stronger than … Read More...

All Labor Has Dignity

January 18, 2020 Admin 0

January 18, 2020

Sisters, Brothers and Friends of the IAM,

Like so many other social justice warriors, Dr. King realized that inequality is a threat to our democracy. He spent his life fighting and calling for economic justice. King realized that inequality is a threat to our democracy—right until the very end. As we pause to celebrate his birthday, we must redouble our efforts to make his dream a reality.

Prior to his assassination in 1968, King worked feverishly to highlight economic injustice in America through his Poor People’s Campaign. Economic inequality continues to threaten our country today. Wages for … Read More...

Happy Holidays from Victory Lodge 1725

December 23, 2019 Admin 0

The Officers and Staff of Victory Lodge 1725 would like to wish every one of our members the Happiest of Holidays. 

If you are traveling over the holidays we hope you get to your destination safely. 

If you are one of our many members who will be working through the holidays, we recognize your sacrifice. Please know that you are the backbone of our local and we appreciate you.… Read More...