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March 17, 2022

Dear Sisters and Brothers of IAM District Lodge 142,

On February 16, 2022, a Special Trial Committee, comprised of three uninvolved IAM officers, conducted a hearing pertaining to the trusteeship of District Lodge 142. On March 15, the Special Trial Committee submitted its recommendation to the IAM International President to continue trusteeship of District Lodge 142. On March 17, the International President concurred with the decision to continue trusteeship, as seen in correspondence in the enclosed letter.

District Lodge 142 will continue moving forward to operate in a financially solvent manner in accordance with the IAM Constitution and within U.S. Department of Labor guidelines. As said in Update #1, it is our goal to get District Lodge 142 back on track as soon as possible in an effort to lift trusteeship and move forward with District Lodge 142 elections.

As a reminder, trusteeship has no effect on the servicing of our District Lodge 142 membership, including contract negotiations, lodge meetings, grievance handling, or any other matter related to your representation on the job. Trusteeship is an administrative procedure impacting the internal workings of the District Lodge to ensure your District is operating in accordance with the laws and our rules protecting your finances.

The financial stewardship of your dues dollars and your representation on the job are two of the highest priorities and commitments we make to you, our valued members of District Lodge 142. We look forward to keeping you updated on this matter and protecting the values of the IAM.

In solidarity,

Tony Blevins                                                                                  
Trusteeship Deputy                                                     
Special Assistant to the International President

Gil Simmons
Transportation Grand Lodge Representative 

Membership Letter #2 and International President Letter                                                                             

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