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IAM PSA Airlines Implementation Information

April 2, 2018 Admin 0


With the memberships acceptance of the Tentative Agreement last week, work began shortly thereafter on implementation and associated timelines.  Conversations began Friday towards the first steps needed. I am pleased to report to you that with the support of your Negotiating Committee, we discussed and agreed with the Company to make all wage provisions pursuant to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement effective with the new pay period beginning today, April 2, 2018.  We have also agreed to a date of signing (DOS) which will occur on Friday, April 6, 2018.  For the changes to the 401(k), they will have … Read More...

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IAM PSA Airlines Ratification Vote Information

March 29, 2018 Admin 0


Voting on the recently released 2nd Tentative Agreement reached with PSA Airlines was conducted yesterday in CAK, DAY, CVG, CLT GSP, ORF and SAV.   With approximately 70% of the total membership participating in this ratification, the Tentative Agreement was approved by a majority of those who voted.

Work will begin immediately on proofing of a final document for printing and we will proceed to signing this ratified CBA so as not to delay any of the changes contained within.

Your Negotiating Committee wishes to thank everyone who participated in this process. Your patience and solidarity were instrumental in seeing … Read More...

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IAM PSA Airlines Second TA Ratification Info

March 23, 2018 Admin 0


As of today, the amended Tentative Agreement has been shipped to all bases for everyone to receive a copy so check with your Steward or Committee member to receive and sign for your copy. It is also posted on the District Lodge 142 website which can be found at

Negotiating Committee members will be present in all bases leading up to the ratification vote to answer any questions you may have or for explanations on any part of the TA. You can also contact me directly with your questions at (859) 653-4037 or Tellers will be present … Read More...