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IAM/PSA Airlines Tentative Agreement Info – Update 11/18/17

November 20, 2017 Admin 0


Many people have been questioning the rules and requirements that are being communicated for the upcoming ratification vote.  They can be found on page 18 of the District Lodge 142 By-Laws which read in part:


Section 1.  All negotiated contracts shall be submitted to the membership affected for ratification. Each negotiated airline contract shall be forwarded, with all changes plainly marked, to each subject local in sufficient numbers for each local lodge officer (working under the contract affected), Grievance Committee   member and local contact for a minimum of five (5) days study prior to the balloting for … Read More...

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Breaking News: IAM/PSA Airlines Tentative Agreement Reached!

November 1, 2017 Admin 0

As we resumed negotiations in DAY this week, the momentum from last week carried forward and we were able to close the gap on the few remaining issues. As of today, we have reached a Tentative Agreement on terms for your new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Below are highlights from this Tentative Agreement:


·   14% in wage increases over term (5%-3%-3%-3%) ·   24.5% net increase in CBA value over term with wage, premium and benefit increases
·   7% (wage and A&P license premium) average increase effective on DOS ·   Additional Personal Day Off
·   A&P License premiums now $1.00/each –
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IAM/PSA Airlines Tentative Agreement Info

November 1, 2017 Admin 0

As a follow-up to the bulletin this morning announcing the Tentative Agreement (TA), copies of the TA are immediately available online on the District Lodge 142 website at  Hard copies of the TA are being printed and should be shipped by Friday to each Maintenance Base.  They will be available either through a Negotiating Committee Member or a Shop Steward so check locally to find out who will be handling the copies of the TA at your Base.

Per the District Lodge 142 By-Laws, it is a requirement that every member receive a copy and have it in … Read More...